Changing the world, starting with our world

Over the years, the Opocrin Group has maintained an outlook inspired by ethics, equality and the protection of human and environmental resources, in the knowledge that every entrepreneurial undertaking must develop with respect for the ecosystem.

For Opocrin, this meant adopting a shared Code of Ethics identifying its founding values and principles, allowing the company to produce value while respecting both the community and the environment.


Highly-evolved welfare

Day after day, the Opocrin Group focuses on creating and maintaining a dynamic and rewarding environment, in the conviction that a positive and stimulating workplace is fundamental for obtaining great results.

Thanks to the adoption of social policies and dynamics and a highly-evolved welfare system, Opocrin is committed to improving the quality of life of its employees, their families and the community.

Opocrin AID

Opocrin Group has created the OpocrinAID Committee, aimed at managing sponsorships, donations and other acts of liberality made by the Group Companies towards third parties. The Committee, a nonprofit organization, stems from the Group’s desire to better direct internal synergies to achieve common goals of cultural, charitable, social and humanitarian value, pursuing purposes of common benefit to various stakeholders, while also considering the impact of sustainability aspects of the same. The Committee focuses on various projects, activating solidarity initiatives such as funding, concrete aid and whatever is necessary to support foundations, associations, hospitals, schools, universities, public and private entities.

The Committee operates in full compliance with the principles of voluntariness, independence, neutrality, objectivity, transparency, impartiality and in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 231/2001, as well as the Confindustria Guidelines and the Organization, Management and Control Model and the Company’s Code of Ethics. Any requests and/or communications addressed to the Committee can be sent to: