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MODENA, ITALIA – Opocrin Group announces that extended clinical phase 2b study performed by its affiliate Dilafor AB with the drug candidate tafoxiparin has resulted in further positive data. The extension of the study met its objective, which was to evaluate if the efficacy of tafoxiparin obtained in phase 2b trial persists when the drug is administered in additional doses.

In a clinical phase 2b study, tafoxiparin showed a significant positive effect on cervical ripening in first-time mothers that were given treatment for a planned start of labor. The completed extension of the phase 2b study included a total of 164 women, and the results show that the cervical ripening effect persists in the study. In addition, a clear dose-response relationship was observed.

Up to 30 percent of all pregnant women are subject to planned start of labor, the current interventions increase the risk of medical complications in both mother and child, leading to high healthcare costs.

“The outcome of the study confirms pharmacological properties of tafoxiparin by marking the beginning of a new era in the approach to childbirth,” says Dr. Federico Saetti, Group Chief Executive Officer and Vice-President of Opocrin S.p.a.

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